Plastic Forming Strip Heater

Quincy Lab plastic-forming Strip Heaters were designed for applications requiring the bending and forming of plastics for various engineering projects, displays, protective cases, prototypes, as well as other applications. 

Made of heavy-gauge steel, our Quincy Lab Strip Heaters feature a baked-on, rust-resistant finish which facilitates cleaning of the unit. These units also feature guiderails on each side of the unit to help keep your part perpendicular to the heating element for a more accurate heat-through. 

Plastic-forming strip heaters are virtually maintenance free, and are offered in 3 different sizes depending on the surface area needed for your work.

Prices effective thru December 31, 2019

12" Strip Heater


MODEL 03-160

Overall Dimensions: 

15.125” X 5.5” X 7.25” in.

38.45 X 14 X 18.4 cm. 

Working Area: 

12” Inches

Product Weight: 

6 Lbs.

Standard Electrical:

115 Volts / 125 Watts

Working Max Operating 

Temp: 325°F / 410°F

21" Strip Heater


MODEL 13-160

Overall Dimensions: 

25” X 5.5” X 7.25” in.

63.5 X 14 X 18.4 cm. 

Working Area: 

21” Inches

Product Weight: 

9 Lbs.

Standard Electrical: 

115 Volts / 200 Watts

Working Max Operating: 

Temp: 340°F / 435°F

33" Strip Heater


MODEL 23-160

  Overall Dimensions 

36” X 5.5” X 7.25” in.

91.4 X 14 X 18.4 cm. 

Working Area 

33” Inches

Product Weight

12 Lbs.

Standard Electrical

115 Volts / 375 Watts

Working Max Operating

Temp: 325°F / 410°F

See our Strip Heater at work as demonstrated by our distributor Delvie's Plastic. 


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